Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You might be fly fishing with a zombie if....

In honor of Don Barone's excellent article reviewed in the post below we have decided to list a few helpful Halloween hints that just might help keep you safe from the undead this holiday season:

You might be fly fishing with a zombie if:

  1. His favorite flies are the Voodoo Popper, and the Flesh Fly.
  2. He can always manage to "dig up" a few fishing buddies at the last minute.
  3. His favorite shore lunch must include pork brains.
  4. Every time he catches more fish than you he does that dance from Thriller.
  5. He keeps looking at your dog all funny like and licking his lips.
  6. He once got a citation for fishing with natural bait just for wet wading (maggots, you know).

We need a few more so feel free to add to our list via the comment section. I need to clear my desk so best entry gets an item from the schwag pile (shipped inside the USA only). Contest ends 10-31-07


zucks said...

7. He still fishes with a heavy old fly fishing vest instead of one of the new lightweight ones like TechVest at

Bill Anderson said...

His favorite fly is a variation of the Adams and his eyeball.

ratpacker said...

You see a fly float over your shoulder followed by a rod, reel and radius bone.

Anonymous said...

Nu2Trout from the SEFFF board:

you might be fly fishing with a Zombie ....
if you notice the fish are rising to eat your partners stringy flesh, instead of your best dry fly.

if your partner is slapping the water, while screaming, trying to catch the fish with his hands.

if you dont make it home after fishing on halloween

Murdock said...

Jason Fleming - Fleming13 from the SEFFF board

...You walk upstream and fish in front of him all day without seeing him, then you fall down in the river and suddenly he's standing over you.

...You hook him in the ear on a backcast, it comes off, you land it, and it's the biggest thing you catch all day.

...All he ever wants to fish for are cutthroats.

Anonymous said...

TW5270 from the SEFFF board

Your line goes DEAD in the water...

Anonymous said...

Fly in VA,

Instead of saying Fish On, he says Arrgghhhhhhh

C&R is not in his very limited vocabulary. Instead, he sucks out the fish's eyeballs and bites off their heads.

Instead of some CCR, Canned Heat, and Tupac Shukar that you like to listen to during those long road trips to fish, he hits Repeat on the Monster Mash (It is, as you know, a graveyard smash)

His cast looks worse then Lefty Kreh's. In his defense, it is hard to be fluid after rigor mortis sets in.

Anonymous said...


...he only uses flesh flies.

Anonymous said...


if he stinks worse than your wading boots.

he hides from a coffin fly....

he fishes with boooo rods

Bigfoot said...

if he threads his eye onto the line as a strike indicator

Anonymous said...

Rowley, find new meaning to "dead drifting"

Anonymous said...

Drag line,

He's catching more fish that you and you try and blame it on the fact he's using stink bait.

Anonymous said...


...he really prefers to fish with a "stiff" action rod.

no, no.... I got it! ...his first name is Rob! Get it? Rob Zombie? sometimes I crack myself up!

Anonymous said...


He catches a fish and yells "brains"

Anonymous said...


...when you start fishing a small white caddis worm to match the maggots falling into the water of him.

Anonymous said...

Heading out to the river tonight,a grappling hook to replace the fly rod.
see what we can snag.
Happy Halloween