Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fly Fishing People: Pete - Going ugly early

Pete McDonald of the Fishing Jones Blog is giving us lots of ideas for our next business trip to Florida (hopefully later this month). He keeps hooking up with Snakehead and Peacock Bass.

The fishporn above makes for a great picture, but it is another photo that gets Pete our award for the best photo on a fishing blog thus far in 2007. Click to view this great shot in his post about fishing his home water. We hope he has this one framed over his desk at Boating Magazine.


Pete said...

Thanks Murdock. Although my declaration of snakehead victory appears to be premature. I emailed my photos of the fish to Martin Arostegui, who holds a snakehead world record on fly, and is an expert on them, and he said this is actually a bowfin. They Look very similar, apparently.

(Experts do confirm, however, that the object in the other photo is really the Statue of Liberty.)

I'll have to try again. Let me know when you're in FLA, I'm headed back down soon.

Murdock said...

Looked like a heck of a good catch to me either way. I had no idea they were so easily spooked and learned a lot about them from your post.

I'll let you know when I head down Florida way. At this point I don't even know what part but I think they told me it was down Miami way. I also have an office in Brooklyn so I may have a need to visit it as well.


Pete said...

Keep me posted.Brooklyn = striped bass. South Florida, if I'm there at the same time, I'd be up for going on a rental car fly expedition.

Murdock said...


It is looking like Ft Lauderdale around the 31st of october and 1st of Nov. for my Fla business trip.

Let me know if you are going to be down that way.

Anonymous said...

he's casting the Helios prototype in that Liberty shot... pretty cool