Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stream Access Issues: Read'em and Weep

Our Dad told us that when your friends are in the middle of a fight there is only one course of action. You take off your rings and jump in the middle of it with them. Our comrade and fellow fly fishing blogger, Tom Chandler of Trout Underground fame, is currently involved in just such a fight over stream access on his home water, the upper Sacramento River.
It seems that a resolution happy county board of supervisors went off the deep end and has crafted a so called "Natural Resource Policy" that declares all of the rivers in the county non-navigable. This would effectively prevent public access to the stream bed between the high water marks and give ownership of the river to land owners on either side. In addition to the stream access issue the resolution all but endorses suction dredge mining in the stream bed and says that they feel it has no impact on fisheries.

Read Tom's excellent post about the subject and be sure to make use of the email addresses that he provides to express your opinion to the appropriate parties. This is just the sort of thing that can make an impact on the question of stream access

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