Monday, July 30, 2007

Judges Needed for Southeast Qualifier

North Carolina fly fishing team coach Eugene Shuler has put out the call for volunteers to act as judges during the Fly Fishing Team USA Southeast Regional Qualifier that will be held August 18th and 19th in Cherokee, NC. They are in need of 36 judges to record the details of the contestants catches.
"We are in need of 36 judges to assist with measuring competitors fish and recording the length and time of day caught, also what trout species the fish is. At the end of each session the judge and competitor will sign off on the score sheet and turn them into the head judge.Its very easy and no experience necessary whatsoever.
Each Judge will receive a Fly Fishing Team USA T-shirt, and special Fly Fishing Team USA lapel pin. Its a long honored tradition of the US team to give their judges a spacial pin as a way of saying thank you.
The only way you ever see one of these is pins is on a judge, a current or previous team member. Lunch on both days and dinner Saturday night at the Chestnut Tree will also be provided for the volunteers.
This is great way to see the very best fly anglers in the US compete head to head in an international format. And a great way to improve you own fly fishing skills. You will see all the tactics and secrets you read and hear about first hand, and see them done by the very best anglers in America. Most all of the these guys will share their secrets with you if asked nicely."
If you would like to have a once in a lifetime experience and help out Team USA contact Eugene Shuler via email.
More info via the National Fly Fishing Championship Website and view the North Carolina team training video, "BigfishBootcamp."

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