Monday, July 30, 2007

Here Sharky Sharky Sharky...

The O'REILLY Radar site has an interesting story about the new Discovery Channel interactive online game, Sharkrunners. The game lets players take the role of a marine biologist and track sharks online. The more shark you find the more funding you get for your program. The catch is that the game play is actually driven by real time GPS data from actual transmitters attached to actual sharks that are swimming in the actual ocean.
"Players are given a virtual boat and virtual crew. They use it to track real-life sharks that have been tagged with a GPS recievers. When a boat encounters a shark the player is alerted via email and/or SMS. The player has three hours to select how to try to collect data about the shark and its behavior. The goal is to gather as much data about sharks as possible."
I think this is a pretty cool concept and can't help but think that it has some definate applications in the world of angling. Anyone for TarponTracker 2.o?

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