Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What do Paris Hilton and Henry Tan have in common?

Both are spending time in the pokey. Paris got 40+ days for a probation violation. Henry had his brother send him invasive plants and second hand aquarium equipment from Singapore into New Zealand and he got nine months and a $25k fine. Both Paris and Henry have paid a high price for their indiscretions but Henry's deliberate offense might have had a lasting impact on New Zealand's environment.
"This is one of the most serious cases of deliberate offending I have seen. The defendant's importation of unauthorised risk goods increased New Zealand's exposure to exotic algae or marine pests, potentially placing export earnings at risk and creating the possibility of introducing yet another unwanted pest that could impact on our native flora and fauna."
Via Protect your waters. (Editor's note: We apologize in advance for using a photo of Paris Hilton in a post somewhat related to fly fishing. We can only hope that this blatant traffic grabbing tactic does not unseat the phrase "Cindy Garrison Bikini" from the top spot on our search engine key word referrals list.)

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