Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Inside a Competition Fly Box

The fly box above belongs to North Carolina competitive fly fisher, fishing guide, and co-owner of Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing, Eugene Shuler. Eugene is one of the primary people putting together the Southeast Regional Qualifier for Fly Fishing Team USA and the driving force behind the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team.

Be sure to click the photo for an up close look.


Insane said...

He asked me what he should include in his box. I think he did ok in picking them out... ;)

That's a really cool pic! Also, thanks for mentioning us on your site not too long ago. You guys do some great work. I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep it up!


overbrook said...

Where's all the 3 lb czech nymphs??

Murdock said...

Overbrook, great to see you stopping by. This must have been early in Eungene's career as I've seen his fly box since then its full of pink and other wild colors. Also there is enoungh lead in it to survive a h bomb blast.