Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Believe it or not my day job is actually paying me to go to Las Vegas for a few days later this week. The down side is that Thursday and Friday will be spent sitting in long meetings plotting the future course of credit management for the building materials industry. The upside is that the meetings will be in Vegas. With a bit of luck could end up with that new corporate float plane we have had our eye on. However, it is far more likely that we will simply leave a few of our hard earned Franklin's at the tables.

In the mean time,'s Tennessee Editor, Jay Moore , who's corporate overhead I will be living on in Vegas, will be taking over the helm of the blogging behemoth that is FlyFishMagazine. We fully expect tall tales and great things.

We cannot resist mimicking the tag line of one of our favorite talented fly fishing writers when we say, "See you at the craps tables."

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