Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moore Beer

While our editor is trying to win enough money to retire in Vegas, I am taking a short break from fly fishing and tying to work on a little home brew. I know this has nothing to do with fishing, but sometimes after a good day of fishing; a cold one goes down good. A few years ago I started brewing beer at home and have brewed about 25 5gal. batches of all different types of beer. I am currently working on a Continental Pilsner and a Pale Ale both brewed with my favorite brand Munton's Gold.( I have found over the years that I get the best results with these kits and they produce home brew that would rival the products at your favorite watering hole. So in about two weeks when I sit down to tie some of my favorite flies, I can crack open a cold home brew, tie some flies, and know they were both created in my kitchen in Lebanon, Tn.

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Murdock said...

I have had a chance to drink some of Jay's excellent brew and I must say it is very tasty. I wonder if we could ever get him ot open a combination fly shop/lumber yard/ brewpub.