Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Road Trip (s)

My day job, the one that keeps the wife up in the manner she has become accustomed to, is requiring that I fly up to White Plains, NY today where I will rent a car and drive to Danbury, CT for a business meeting tomorrow. After the meeting it is back to the home base for a quick suitcase grab before we head off to Tallahassee, FL to see the newest lawyer in the family pick up her sheepskin from FSU. The bad news is that there is no real time in the schedule for any fishing. The good news is that the frequent flier miles are starting to get close to the free first class ticket to Alaska level and I will have some time to read some of these books I am supposed to be reviewing.

If any of my fly fishing brethren (or sisteren) has any suggestions for things that one must see while in any of these locations, feel free leave me a note in the comments.

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