Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Authorities are trying to determine the cause of the death of this near record breaking White River Brown Trout. The fish which was estimated to be between 12 - 15 years old, weighed in at 32 pounds.
Biologists are trying to determine if warm water temperatures and low oxygen content led to the trout's death. Heather Crunkleton, Rainbow Resort owner, said other dead fish have been found over the past few days. "You can't have 70-degree water and expect trout to survive," she said. Crunkleton said the fish was found after five days of no generation at Bull Shoals Dam. Powers said the water temperature near the North Fork River after some generation Tuesday was 68 degrees.


opax said...

although this is a serious matter... maybe this fish just ate too much.

Murdock said...

This fish certainly looks obease to say the least. Perhaps a bit of piscatorial gastric bypass might have saved him.