Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Renzetti's Entry Level Vise

One of my pet peeves is that often the commercially available intro to fly tying kits fail to include the kind of quality tools an angler can use for a lifetime. Renzetti's improved Apprentise vise seeks to provide just that at a $95 price point while including some features that are usually only found on more expensive vises.
TITUSVILLE, Florida—Less than year introducing the Apprentise Vise to give beginning tiers a high-quality tool to learn with, Renzetti has already improved it and created an even more versatile tool. The result is a completely redesigned vise that will satisfy beginning and experienced tiers.

While still machined from 2024 aluminum with hardened steel jaws, improvements include a rotating head, a hinged stem, and a more attractive silver satin finish. Many of the improvements were suggested by tiers who used the original version. The most-asked for and significant new feature is the rotating head, which allows a tier to turn a fly over without removing the hook from the jaws, giving them much greater versatility with this vise.
Additional features of the redesigned Apprentise include a tension-adjustment knob on the rotating cuff of the head and, like its predecessor, jaws that will readily hold hooks from size 28 up to 1/0 and adjust at the push of the cam lever.

The Apprentise is available with a C-clamp and retails for $95. An optional base assembly is also available. All of Renzetti’s products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and are proudly made in the USA. This vise will be available beginning in January 2007.

For more information on the newly redesigned Apprentise Vise or any of Renzetti’s fine products, visit www.renzetti.com.
The best news is that a quick Google Search reveals that you can get this vise for as little as $59.99

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