Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Wrecks!

According to WRAL The Eastern Carolina Artificial Reef Association is, much to the delight of Carolina anglers and recreational divers, trying to add a few more residents to "the graveyard of the Atlantic."
Now, the group and its supporters want to sink a large decommissioned destroyer, cruiser, or other military ship on the ocean floor. They're eyeing a location about 300 feet to 400 feet offshore near the existing reef created by the sunken USS Aeolus, a Navy cable layer, and the Spar, a former Coast Guard cutter.

"We are actively engaged in trying to get a large reef, a large ship, on the bottom," said Bill Thompson, a member of the nonprofit group.
However due the cleaning and permits required this can be a long process. Here is a link to the group's website.

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