Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fishing Gods Angered - Laws of Nature Suspended

The following comes from Middle Tennessee Editor, Jay Moore. Jay ran into a strange phenomenon while fishing one of his favorite tail waters. The river began flowing in the opposite direction! Here is his report:

On Saturday my friend, let's call him Phil, and I attempted to fish the Caney Fork in a driving rainstorm. Things started out as usual but then got very weird. Things became very much like the Seinfeld episode where everything was backwards.(The Bizarro Jerry).

We had landed a few small fish on midges when we noticed that our flies were no longer drifting. Rather than drifting with the current, they were sitting still. I decided to change sides and made a cast to a good spot but the fly drifted upstream. I tried again with the same result, so I tied on a thin mint and hooked a 15-16" rainbow. Phil netted it and put it on his new stringer (Editor's note: We think this is first spot where Phil got on dicey grounds with the fishing Gods). His old one swam away last trip with a nice rainbow on it. He tied on a trout magnet and the Green Cork of Death (second and third black marks on his permanent record with the fishing deity). It also drifted upstream. Soon there were all sorts of debris moving upstream!

We decided that things were getting strange enough that we needed to get out of the river. By the time we got to the bank the water level was up about three feet. I was as concerned as I have ever been while wading in the river so we were looking for a quick way out if needed.

I would not have believed that the river could reverse course if I had not seen it with my own eyes. I think that either Phil angered the Fishing Gods with his continued use of The Green Cork of Death and by not releasing the only good fish caught that day or it could have been flooding downstream. Either way it was a strange day on the Caney Fork. Oh, the fish count. Jay 8 Phil 0.

As always when we find someone chucking hardware here at, identities have been shielded to protect the guilty.

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