Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Do you have a receipt for that bait?

Via our partner ProtectYourWaters.net where they lead the fight against invasive species in our nations waters, comes this article that tells about a plan to help curb the spread of viral hemorrhagic septicema AKA VHS in the Great Lakes. VHS is a nasty virus that is roughly the fish equivalent to the Ebola virus in humans.
"As a result of a new state law that took effect in late March, fishermen are being asked by state conservation officers to produce a receipt upon demand from the place where they bought their minnows, certifying the bait is VHS-free. They're also banned from transporting non-certified bait by motor vehicle from one body of water to another. The receipt is only good for seven days. "
If you can't produce the receipt would it be suitable to call your minnows "jail bait?"

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