Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do you want your fishing hole to look like this?

I just got off the plane from New York state and hadn't planned on posting tonight. However, when I got home I found this important email from Scott Hed of the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska. Scott is a dedicated angler and conservationist and is one of the key players leading the fight against the Bristol Bay Mine. He has asked us to pass his email along to you:
Greetings fly fishing enthusiast,

Thank you for your support for the world’s greatest wild salmon and trophy rainbow trout fishery! Over the early months of 2007, the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska attended 11 fly fishing shows across the country. You joined several thousand conservation-minded anglers in signing the Fly Fishing Petition for Bristol Bay which is now available online at
Please forward this message to all of your fishing friends so they can become involved too. If each one of you asks a couple friends, we can easily add thousands more anglers in support of Bristol Bay’s renewable resources.

Individual anglers such as yourself are being joined by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) and over 40 of its member companies, Trout Unlimited, the Federation of Fly Fishers, Dallas Safari Club, commercial fishermen and organizations, native villages in the region, and others in the campaign to keep Bristol Bay from being developed into a massive mining district, anchored by the proposed Pebble Mine project located north and east of Lake Iliamna. A major strength of this campaign is the diversity of individuals and groups standing up and stating “No Mines in Bristol Bay.”

Things you can do:

1) Encourage all of your fishing friends and fellow club members to sign the Fly Fishing Petition for Bristol Bay online.

2) Visit and click on the “New Project” to learn about RED Gold: The Southwest Alaska Salmon Treasure. The award-winning fly fishing filmmakers at FeltSoul Media are spending two months in Alaska this summer to produce a documentary on Bristol Bay’s world renowned fisheries and pristine waters, focusing on the mining development that threatens these critical resources. This project needs your support!

3) Visit to learn more about the threat to Bristol Bay. You can view the AFFTA industry support ad that has run in most of the major fly fishing publications under the “Latest News” tab, and you can join the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska by clicking the “Join Us” tab. There is no cost to join, however you will be kept up to date on Alaska issues of importance to sportspersons. Presently, the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska is working on the Bristol Bay campaign and the efforts to protect the remaining highly productive watersheds of the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska.

Again, thank you for taking action to keep mining out of Bristol Bay. Please forward this message to your friends to make the campaign even stronger.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With sincere gratitude,

Scott Hed
Outreach Director
Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska
(605) 336-6738 office
NOTE: If you get an error replying to this email address, please send your message to Sorry for any inconvenience.
Take a few moments this Friday morning and follow Scott's suggestions. Be sure to sign the petition against the Bristol Bay mine. This is a simple step that every angler can take to help protect a great resource.

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