Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nat'l Fly Fishing Championships News

Recent conversations with Paul Prentiss of Front Range Anglers reminded us about the upcoming Fly Fishing Team USA Southeast Regional qualifier. The qualifier for the National Fly Fishing Championships will be held in the Cherokee, North Carolina area August 18th and 19th of this year. If you are interested in trying to make team USA click here to sign up. This event is your chance to pit your fishing skills against some of the best anglers in the nation.
Paul tells us about Colorado Trout Unlimited's role in the event:
It is currently the largest Fly Fishing competition in the United States and is sponsored by Colorado Trout Unlimited. It's a tremendous program for bringing young people into the sport and making the public aware of conservation issues. This year we'll have 300 young men and women trying to get an opportunity to represent the US in International competition....not one person makes a dime from this endeavor. If you add up all the volunteer time at every level it totals roughly 35,000 hours - Colorado contributes 1/3 of it!
Eugene Shuler of Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing is the local coordinator for the Southeast Regional event.

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