Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gear: Korker's Guide Boot

For some time now, Korkers has been known for its line of wading boots with interchangeable soles. These form fitting soles making it possible to easily go from felt to hiker and back to golf shoe without ever taking off your footwear. The above pictured "guide boot" was on display at last year's Fly Fishing Retailer Show but it wasn't quite ready for release. This version of their popular wading boot incorporates the Boa Lace Technology, more commonly found on snowboard boots. No more struggles with untied shoes or laces that get snagged in your fly line. With the boa lace system a simple turn of a knob tightens your shoes snugly around your ankles.

"the boa lace system incorporates a dial system with a 4-to-1 gear that tightens and loosens a stainless steel lace. The boa-lace boot eliminates problems associated with traditional laces and keeping your wading boots tied tightly throughout the day."

If you have ever tried to get out of a pair of frozen lace up wading boots after a day of fishing an icy mountain stream, you might just think this sort of gadget would be worth the money.

For more information check out their web page at http://www.korkers.com/

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