Friday, March 09, 2007

Media Quote of the Week

From a editorial by Gary Thorne, published on the website and in reference to proposed legislation in the state of Maine that would ban the sale of certain bait fish:

All fly fishermen are not elitists who want to tell others how to fish. All ice anglers are not fish-killing slobs. And just because you sell bait, that doesn’t mean you don’t care about the future health of our fisheries. No matter what you read on the Internet message boards.


Krafty said...

I notice Gary Thorne doesn't actually express an opinion about the legislation itself. Is there a reference to the specifics of the proposed legislation and opinions held - maybe a forum thread reference?

Murdock said...


I'll see what else I can find but here is a link to the original article that brought this to our attention.

Krafty said...

Thanks for the link - an interesting read. Will check in again to see if you dig up anything else. The Asian Carp problem should give weight to the arguments of those fighting against alien species even if the circumstances are different.