Thursday, March 08, 2007

Chum on the North Mills River

While we were partying in sin city our fly fishing brethren from Moldy Chum were keeping tabs on the story about the proposed construction of 80+ luxury houses on the banks of the North Mills River. The development would be completely surrounded by the Pisgah National Forest with the only access through the middle of the forest service campground. The developers have rejected an offer of 1.6 million dollars for the property that would have included a conservation easement that would prevent development within 300 feet of the stream bank.
The Chum posted a link to this Q & A with the developer, Kent Smith of Global Development Resources. Here's the "money quote" all pun intended.
Are you aware of the public concerns?
Sure, there was never any question about whether that was going to be the case, but it would have been the case for anybody who bought it. But the people who wanted it to remain natural did not outbid me at the auction.
Trout Unlimited and community groups are opposed to the construction.
The groups say the proposal, including plans for a large septic system to serve the homes, could endanger water quality in a popular trout stream and drinking water source. The developer has promised any subdivision would be constructed to protect the environment.
The Henderson County Planning Board will consider the subdivision at their March 15th, meeting.
Link to previous posting: This can't be good.

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