Friday, February 09, 2007

It's Friday....Now Go Buy Some Gear!

Admit it, you work hard. Every week you put in countless hours with your nose to the grindstone under the watchful eye of an ungrateful boss. It is Friday and the work week is over for most of you. Don't you think you deserve some deals on fly fishing gear? We certainly think you do.

Sierra Trading Post leads the field this month in our "reward the best readers on the net" challenge. Their latest offering is 10% off orders of $110 or more. Use the banner below to take advantage of this deal that runs until March 8th, 2007 and cannot be combined with any other offers.

(Hot Tip - Be sure to do a search for Sage Fly Lines and Redington pre-loaded fly reels)

Coupon 125x125

This month we are trying out a new arrangement with the Thompson Cigar Company. We have a coupon for 15% off purchases site wide. We posted it and later found out that we really were not supposed to have access to this special deal. However, we chose to ask forgiveness rather than permission and they have graciously agreed to let us keep it. Middle Tennessee Editor Jay Moore is a cigar lover and advises our readers that for the best deal try the samplers with the premium brands.

(Hot Tip: Look for their Premiums Galore Sampler for an exceptional deal on some excellent brands)

Thompson Cigar Coupon

Finally the nice lady from sent us a note and asked that we remind you that "the big O" is offering 7% off all orders as a way to cure your winter blues. Simply use the coupon banner below to claim your deal.

(Hot Tip: You saltwater fly fishers should do a search for "Supreme Bonefish/Redfish Fly Selection" for a shot at a 76 fly selection for only $81.99 before the discount), Inc.

As always, thanks for supporting and our affiliate partners. We know you have a choice when it comes to getting insane discounts on fishing gear and we thank you for choosing to fly (fish) with us.


Greg Hoffman, Marketing Gorilla said...

Thompson Cigar has NEVER done coupons. This is our first ever online coupon and we are happy to share with our fishing buddies.

Check out the humidor and the premium sampler buttons on the homepage.

Pete said...

At first glance, I thought the headline here read " go buy some Beer!" I think I'm going to stick with my misread and oblige.

Murdock said...

Mr. Hoffman,

Anytime you can save money on great cigars it is a great thing! We appreciate you and the rest of the folks at Thompson for letting us in on this exceptional deal! Long Ashes!


Now that Beer suggestion is a great idea. Just be sure to pick up some Cigars and fly line to go with it :-). If you get a chance to visit N.C. look me up and I'll provide some of each.