Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eh...What's up Doc? Part Duex

Unless you have been hiding in a rabbit hole somewhere you have seen the recent news about carrots and their new uses in the manufacture of fly fishing rods. This innovation was great blog fodder for a while and became the root of so many jokes. It had to happen sooner or later with all the bad examples set by bugs bunny and gang in those kid's cartoons where they were rigged to explode. Carrots are being used as weapons.

From the Philly.com article:

On May 21, Salinas told police, she arrived to find her employer in a rage over a messy refrigerator. After hurling the carrots at her, Tepper hit the Philadelphia resident on the head with a telephone handset, pulled her hair, broke her glasses and tried to push her down the stairs.

People, give peas a chance. We can only hope that someday that folks will beat their carrots into plow shears.

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