Monday, December 18, 2006

We might all be falling down a lot more.

From the Protect Your Waters website and comes news that those felt soled wading boots might be a great way to spread "rock snot" (didymo) while being almost impossible to decontaminate.

* The battle to prevent didymo - the "rock snot" that smothers trout habitat - spreading from the South Island to the North reached anglers' wading boots this week.

Niwa has discovered that the felt soles of wading boots are almost impossible to decontaminate and will harbour the disease for up to 100 days.
The problem is that anything that stays wet, such as the felt soles, can transmit didymo, says a statement from Fish and Game Rotorua and the Department of Conservation in Turangi.

"Walking on didymo pushes the cells into the felt material where cleaning agents are unable to reach ... so we are encouraging anglers to wear rubber boots or neoprene waders which dry quickly and are easily cleaned."

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