Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Headwaters Bamboo Rod Co. End of Year Sale

David Rogers of the Headwaters Bamboo Rod Company is one of our fly fishing blogger pals and he sent us a note letting us know about his end of year sale. David's company provides bamboo fly rods at affordable prices and gives you the choice of having a rod with either one or two tips.

He emailed us the super secret code that will take 30% off the regular price of last year's stock of fly rods. You know we totally suck at keeping secrets:

Thirty Percent Off Regular Prices

1-tip Headwaters Series rods are now $262 (regular price ($375)
2-tip Headwaters Series rods are now $332 (regular price $475)

This sale will run while stock is on hand so order early before the last of these rods go at these low prices.*

Go online to To receive the discount, enter offer code 30 (just the number "30") in the voucher field of the order form.
Or, when ordering by phone mention this offer. Call toll-free (866) 432-3928.
We'll happily provide a gift certificate if you'd like to suggest an exceptional gift for a fly angler. Just call or email.

Thanks David!

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