Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Skyblu - A Step Apart

A Step Apart is a blog that I have been following for some time. I enjoy it due to it's unique and insightful perspective. It's author. Skyblu, is by her own admission a "Not yet 40, environmental consultant who enjoys competitive shooting, fly fishing, cooking, and running." She is also an excellent writer.

As with all women who can out fish, out shoot, and out write us, we will do our best to stay on her good side. A long overdue sidebar link has been added (now that her disturbing entry (not safe for work) into the bikini wars has made it off the front page of her site).

By the way, while we are on the subject of bikini wars, did anyone notice that TC over at Trout Underground has "gone nuclear" and included no less than five scantily clad ladies in one single blog post? Does this make TC the new Kim Jung Il of fly fishing?

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Anonymous said...

I knew I would like fishing one day