Saturday, September 16, 2006

Violent Nutcases

Here is another account of a group of dimwitted animal extremists who attacked a group of UK anglers last month.

She recalls: "Some of them followed two of the anglers out onto a small island where they were stood and I was just in time to see one of their fishing rods being thrown into the water."One of the men also had a brush broken over his shoulder."In the melee one fishermen was also stabbed in the leg with a hypodermic needle and needed hospital treatment.

Then the heroic anglers strike back:

I saw one transit van driving away and another attempting to turn around in the road, but this was having difficulty. So that's when I decided to do something."Jan's husband David jumped in the couple's jeep and pulled it across the road, blocking the van's escape route.At this point most of its occupants simply climbed out and ran off, but four decided to take matters into their own hands and attempted to drag Mr Dobson out of the vehicle."I stood between them and the door of the car so they couldn't get to him," she recalls. "One of the masked men was inches from my face, shouting, 'do you want to get hurt?' I pulled his mask off and he responded by breaking the wing mirror."

The Police arrive in force with two cars, four vans, and a helicopter but let the bad guys go:

"We were told to go back to the house and later on the police came down and interviewed us," says Jan. "We assumed the man had been arrested but that turned out not to be the case."The unlikely source of this surprising news were TV presenters Richard and Judy, who spoke to the couple on their Channel 4 show three weeks after the incident."Richard told us the programme had been in touch with the police and that they'd admitted no arrests had been made.

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