Thursday, September 14, 2006

Friday Fly Fishing Theater

From time to time the wife tells me that I need to expand my horizons and take in some of the world of the arts. While I consider fly fishing and fly tying to be arts in their own right, I don't mind taking in a good dose of the theater from time to time. To that end I managed to locate a play that a fly fisher could enjoy, "The Fly Fisher's Companion."

"Stage veterans and Jessie nominees Duncan Fraser (No Great Mischief) and Richard Newman (Diary of Anne Frank) star as the surly Don and eccentric Wes, schoolboy friends now well into their seventies who decide to take another fishing trip together on the banks of the Margaree River. Set against the magnificent landscape of an old-growth forest, the two men cast their lines into the river and let their memories drift, back to days of war and the woman they both loved. However a lot has changed since these two friends started fishing together and if they can make it through the weekend without killing each other they'll discover what it really means to be a fly fisher's companion."

This play sounds a lot like one of our fishing trips with Paisley and Zugbug.

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