Friday, September 29, 2006

Sometimes it IS the size of your rod...

According to all those spam emails that my wife keeps signing me up for and this article in the Southern Oregon Mail Tribune, longer is better. However, unlike the stuff in my inbox, in this case they are talking about the art of Spey Casting. I call it an art because I tried my hand at it while attending the FFR show in Denver and it was not pretty. I knew that I was in trouble when the instructor told me that I had, "almost took that poor lady's head off" with my back cast. Some anglers have more success at this sort of thing than I do.

"This precision looping and whirling of his 13-foot spey rod then powers a tiny fly 80 feet over the Rogue River before it rests atop a riffle in hopes of enticing a summer steelhead to lunch."

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