Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Orvis Flexes For Conservation

Orvis is flexing its financial clout and threatening to withdraw $100,000 in funding for restoration of the Battenkill River, if plans go forward to stock sterile rainbow trout into the famous fishery.

"The Batten Kill is one reason Orvis began and a reason we're still here," Perkins said during a Tuesday news conference. "The Batten Kill is one of five rivers left in Vermont that's still managed for wild trout. Stocked fish have their place, but they can't sustain a wild trout population."

Check out the always astute Tom Chandler's commentary on this issue over at the Trout Underground Blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting on this, Murdock... we are hoping the hearing goes well tonight.

With only FIVE wild rivers remaining in Vermont, the Batten Kill is even more precious...

Thanks again for the mention, and please contact me anytime.

James Hathaway
The Orvis Company

Murdock said...
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Murdock said...

Mr. Hathaway,

It is always good to hear from you. Thanks for protecting the resource.