Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Free Online Fly Tying Classes

I got an email from Will at Fly Tying Forum announcing the start of online fly tying classes. All that is required to participate is a membership in the Fly Tyers Forum site. Here is the text of FTF's press release.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Will Mullis is proud to announce the successful hosting of its first Virtual Fly Tying Class. Will Mullis, founder of hosted and conducted the event, demonstrating the steps necessary to complete the Woolly Bugger and Egg-sucking Leech fly patterns. Nine students logged in and attended class from New York, Washington, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Alberta.

Special software was developed in-house to make these on-line classes possible. The instructor uses a live video feed and microphone connected through the software; the students have the ability to communicate via their own microphones or text-chat in real time. Students are encouraged to tie along with the instructor and ask questions regarding techniques used or to solve problems during the session. Will Mullis said: "To think that I instructed a fly tying class from my kitchen, to people separated by thousands of miles and whom I may never meet, is quite remarkable. Having people tying along with my instructions, asking questions and communicating amongst themselves was amazing to be a part of. I really believe this technology will revolutionize the fly tying world, and will forever change how people learn and communicate.

I am excited about the possibilities." indicates on its website that virtual fly tying classes are free to the participants and everyone is encouraged to participate, either as a student or teacher. For more information on the Virtual Fly Tying Classes, visit:

Isn't the internet great? If you take one of these classes be sure to let us know your thoughts.

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