Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fly Fishing Golf Zen

Can fly fishing make for better golf? Ask Tom Lehman, captain of the U.S. Ryder Cup team. He got some pointers on team building from Duke basketball coach Krezyzewski and that resulted in a trip to Ireland for some practice and team bonding. The bonding part included a bunch of drunken golf pros trying to prank Tiger Woods and even a bit of "the quiet sport".

Lehman said he and some of the players came back late from a Guinness fest at a nearby pub, snuck into Woods' room and tried to write a note on his back.

Lehman said the fly fishing helped some of the less famous golfers bond with the superstars of the sport.

"If you're fly fishing and you tangle your line up with a tree...You're going to be made fun of no matter who you are. That's the beauty of it."

I am glad to know that Tiger Woods fishes with the same type people I do.

In other golf related news it seems that media coverage of the LPGA has surpassed "horse racing, dog racing and fly-fishing."

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