Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fishing with Phil contributor Jay Moore has published a fishing report for his home water, the Caney Fork River, in middle Tennessee. Jay, a new fly tier, had an excellent day on the water catching all of his fish on flies that he had tied.

In this week's report, Jay also tells us the story of an angler who we will call "Phil." It seems that "Phil" didn't heed Jay's warning about the water level after the tailwater's generators had been turned on. He took his time getting out of the river and ended up testing his chest waders capacity to hold water. Luckily, a friendly game warden gave "Phil" a ride so that he wouldn't have to do his impression of the Michelin Man waddling up the boat ramp. Jay was all heart about the whole ordeal and even had a plan to "save" Phil should he be unable to get out of the rushing torrent on his own.

"I was going to pull him in with my fly rod, but I was concerned the two piece might pull apart and then we would have to drag the river for his body so I could pry the tip of my rod from his cold dead hands."

Read the rest of Jay's story by visiting's Fishing Reports Page.

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