Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fishboat Magazine

Our blogging pal Pete McDonald over at Fishing Jones and also the Editor of Boating Magazine, has been working on a new venture for his "day job." Check out the new Fishboat Magazine site. It is still in the beginning stages but from the looks of the site Pete has it on the right track. One of his first articles, "The Wild One" is about outdoors woman Cindy Garrison.

Let's get this right, Pete's day job involves going on fishing trips, test driving the hottest new boats, and hanging out with a bikini clad Cindy Garrison. Between this and the guys over at the reel pure / Moldy Chum site fishing with Seattle Seahawk players on their days off I am beginning to feel inadequate. About the only thing I could do to top this would be to get those two infamous Carolina Panther cheerleaders to go fishing with Zugbug.

1 comment:

Pete said...

If you accomplish that, you win! The Carolina Panthers owe me anyway, because I have their D on my fantasy football team.