Thursday, September 14, 2006

600 lb Mako on the fly

Angling Exploration Group member Brenden Mason has been getting lots of press these days. He recently caught a 600 LB Mako shark on a fly rod while fishing off the coast of San Diego, CA. Brenden. In the true example of the kind of anglers that he and his fellow trout bums are Brenden released the potential record shark alive. Here is a quote from Brenden that spells it out.

"Of course, even if there was a 30# tippet class and longer bite tippet allowed, this shark still would have been released. There’s no reason to kill a fish like this just to get your name in the record book. The waters off San Diego are one of three places in the world where mature makos pup and the juvenile sharks rear, so taking these mature fish from a place where they congregate can have an ocean-wide effect across the whole north Pacific.” - B.

His remarkable catch has received lots of coverage so here are a few of the links from around the net:

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