Sunday, August 06, 2006

Where's Yours?

I received an email from the marketing department of the folks who make Nature Valley Granola Bars, letting me know about a new website,, they have put up. The site allows users to stick pins in a virtual map pointing out their favorite places in nature. Once you have sunk your virtual pin into the map you can add photos and text to explain your choices. A nice feature is that you can see which pins have been clicked on the most. This could be helpful if you were looking for a place to visit on a road trip. The email included a mention of a coupon for a free box of Nature Valley's yummy bars, so if it shows up on the corporate doorstep I will be sure to offer it up as a tasty prize in some sort of contest. We all know that fly fishermen rely on this sort of thing for nourishment while fishing.

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