Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thursday Fishy News

Here are a few fishy headlines from the Carolinas to get your Thursday off to a great start:

North Carolina Governor Mike Easley has signed legislation that will allow the Marine Fisheries Commission to issue commercial striper permits based on the type of equipment used to catch the fish. "The state had set equal quotas for each of the three kinds of gear but found that it was difficult to manage those limits. Officials say the new permitting will help manage those quotas better.." (Link)

He also signed a law allowing charter captains to purchase blanket salt water licenses that cover everyone on their boat rather than just the captain. (Link)

Just in case you haven't made your thoughts know yet, Thursday is the last day to comment on proposed Sunday hunting in North Carolina (Link)

What does a bass fisherman do with Lord Stanley's Cup? Well if you are the video coordinator for the Carolina Hurricanes, you take it fishing. "When he catches his first fish of the day, he wants to fill the "bowl" of the Stanley Cup with lake water, then drop in the bass and let it swim around for a few minutes before releasing it back into the lake." (Link)

And finally, this fellow looks pretty disappointed at the fact that this really is a restaurant.

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Fish Whisperer said...

I can't believe that there were no Ores at that house. You would think in Vail, CO there would be some pretty good ones!