Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Streams and Things With Paisley

Editor's Note: The following is an article by columnist, Jeff Paisly. In this article Jeff talks about some of the pitfalls of fishing the same spots on the river time and time again and gives us some tips to help us "keep it fresh" when fishing our home water.

Streams and Things with Paisley

By Jeff Paisley

We all have our favorite holes that we fish every time we get on the river. I know I do. But one thing to remember is that fish will move through out the river due to water level fluctuations, hatches, fishing pressure, and the ever-changing river bottom. The water looks the same from the surface but the bottom of the river is always in a state of evolution. Today there may not be any fish holding in an area but tomorrow that same place could be holding the most fish. I would invite all my fellow anglers to branch out and try fishing new areas on your favorite rivers. I think it will pay dividends. Lots of times when I’m fishing with someone, I will put them in the favored holes and fish the other areas myself. Many times I hook up with larger fish from these less pressured holes.

1. Always take the time to talk to fellow anglers and trade a few flies. Most will be more than willing and many times they will give you a lot of good advice. I have fly fished for over 20 years and I have learned many new tricks from acquaintances made on the riverbank.

2. You are only as good as your fly vest so make sure all your fly boxes are full and you have all the tippet to down size for those spooky fish. Always be willing to try some flies that you have never tried. I found this out one day at the tying bench when I changed a traditional pattern a bit and now I can take far more fish on the new design than anyone fishing the traditional pattern.

3. Remember fly-fishing is a learning man's game so if you stop learning, you are already behind.

4. Efficiency is the answer. Be more efficient in every aspect of fishing from your casting stroke, to tying knots, to the amount of supplies you carry in your vest.

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