Sunday, August 06, 2006

Possible Cape Fear River Dam Removal

A press release from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, US Fish and Wildlife Service, N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries Division and the National Marine Fisheries Service says that the removal of obsolete dams and locks on the Cape Fear River could greatly benefit recreational and commercial fishing for striped bass, shad, and also aid in restoration efforts for Sturgeon.

Could the Cape Fear become a major striper fishery? One problem facing the plan is the fact that several Carolina cities use the impounded waters as a source for drinking water.

"Although the Cape Fear River locks and dams were not designed for water supply, Wilmington, Fayetteville and other local users depend on impounded waters behind these dams for their water supply source. The fishery agencies are committed to working in partnership with these water users and other agencies to find water supply solutions that will satisfy municipal water needs before any of the three Cape Fear River lock and dams are removed."

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