Sunday, August 06, 2006

Myrtle Beach Non Fishing Report

I wanted to post a fishing report from my trip to visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this past weekend. However, other obligations kept me from being able to fish so I had to content myself with checking out a few likely spots on the inland waterway near Cherry Grove. I did notice several large schools of baitfish popping the surface as they were obviously being chased by some larger fish. It was all I could do to keep from throwing a clouser into the mix but time would simply not allow it. I did learn a few things this weekend that are outside of the realm of fishing that I think might be of use:

1. I do not like the Mexican soup Menudo and should not eat it even if the nice cook at the taquaira offers a free sample. Menudo, if you don't know by now, is cow stomach soup.

2. The knockwurst at Horst Gasthaus is much better tasting than Menudo. I find this odd since I am almost certain the ingredients are quite similar. German John, who plays the accordion there, is not German after all. He is in fact from Holland and served in the special forces during WWII. As you might guess, he puts on a great show.

3. The ribs at Bill Murray's restaurant "Caddy Shack" are tasty, as are the burgers. Stay away from the BBQ chicken. Mine was burned to a crisp and brought me visions of that Gopher from the movie. However, "I'm alright...Don't nobody worry bout me!

I think that an antacid might do me a world of good.

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