Friday, August 18, 2006


Disturbing news from "across the pond" where a group of masked (read as cowardly) animal extremists (read as dimwits) attacked a group of fly fishermen and women (including a nurse).

"Fighting broke out as two anglers on a nearby stretch of bank struggled with the protesters. Miss Belson, a resuscitation nurse at Westmorland General Hospital, in Kendal, said: "I decided to get out of there and go home but suddenly they all ran towards me waving bats and blocks of wood, shouting, 'Get her'. "I was jostled and they smashed my fishing rod."

We don't think that our favorite kilted fly fisherman / blogger Alistair from Urban Fly Fishing , was involved in the fracus because the story did not include any mention of mass casualties on the "animal extremist" team.

"At the height of the confrontation, police called in the force helicopter, an armed response vehicle and nine other vehicles. However, there were no arrests and the saboteurs headed away."

Does anyone out there know the proper technique for horse whipping someone using a four weight? (Link)

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