Saturday, July 01, 2006

Now My Wife Will Want To Fish...

What should you get the angler who has everything? Why not let MacDaddy's Fishing Lures put some "bling on his (or her) string". Macdaddy's features fishing lures that are encrusted with diamonds set in 14 Caret gold. When I was a kid and we saw someone doing a burn out in their car we would often remark that obviously "his daddy bought his tires for him." I can't imagine what we might say if we saw someone fishing a 1 million dollar fishing lure. After all I tend to complain about paying $1 each for flies. I would be happy to review the lures if they are sending out samples.

I am not sure if this is in the same league with the million dollar lures but I am thinking of marketing a Flava Flave Fly. A woolly bugger with a clock tied around it's neck.

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