Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Watauga / South Holston Fishing Adventure

This weekend some of the Flyfishmagazine.com staffers (namely Paisley, Jay, and Myself) will be hosting a group fishing trip to the Watauga and South Holston rivers. Our challenge over the three days of the trip will be to put a group of 12 anglers on a corporate outing on fish. Hopefully the weather and the TVA will cooperate and we will be able to get them hooked up. This is by far the largest group we have taken to a tailwater fishery and I worry that a group that big might attempt to string us up if the fishing is bad.

No real worries though as we will have our trusty raft (old #278 shown here) outfitted with her new fishing frame and a flotilla of 4 personal pontoon boats. We are also planning some wade trips to some smaller trout streams in the area.

All things considered this should be a great trip. The accommodations are first class and right on the river, the food, drink, poker chips and good cigars will be readily available. A few fish thrown into the mix should add to the fun.

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