Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Update: Mitchell River Monster

Yesterday I posted about a reference to the Mitchell River Monster that North Carolina Author Michael Renager writes about in his new book "ROADSIDE REVENANTS: And Other North Carolina Ghosts and Legends." I had never heard the story so I suggested that we consult famed Cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman. Mr. Coleman responded quickly with his thoughts as to what the monster could be. Read the posting on his blog Cryptomundo to see what he thinks we might have lurking in the shadows here in the Carolinas. You never know, not too many years ago the giant squid was thought to be the stuff of fish tales.

In addition to the Mitchell River Monster, he also included information on several other famous North Carolina Cryptids such as the Beast of Bladenboro, and a creature the size of a car that was once sighted in Lake James. Come to think of it in my 39 years I have lived both near Lake James and also in Bladenboro. I wonder if these creatures could be following me?

If you are interested in this sort of thing you should really check out some of Mr. Coleman's many books. Out of a real respect to the serious pursuit of these creatures I have refrained from making my usual jokes, such as using Sasquatch hair to tie flies. However, I am not above trying some catch and release on any automobile sized creatures that might inhabit our area lakes.

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