Monday, May 01, 2006

Mitchell River Monster tells of a North Carolina author who writes about ghost and ghouls from the Carolinas. What caught my eye about this one was the mention of one of our area's delayed harvest rivers coupled with the word monster:

"One of the most compelling and frightening of the stories is that of the Mitchell River monster, a strange, unnaturally tall, violent creature that appears beside a calm stream - or, sometimes, next to Poplar Springs Road. "

The Mitchell River is located in Surry County near Elkin, North Carolina. I did a quick search but was unable to find any other information on the subject. Leave me a comment if you know the story behind the Mitchell River Monster. We might need to get noted Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman on the case. Of course, it might simply have been one of the staffers who was having a bad day and forgot to shave.

Updated link to the article (free subscription)

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Murdock said...

Fyi - looks like this site now requires a login to access the article - and as papers will do they have moved the article.