Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Afraid to say the "F" Word?

KOIN News Channel 6 in Portland Oregon posted a story about a large number of dead ducks being spotted floating on an area lake. Authorities think it could be a case of avian cholera. Funny thing is that the "F" word (flu) was not mentioned once in the entire story. With all the hype lately surrounding the bird flu, one would think that the question would at least be brought up. Talk about failing to state the obvious. When the media begins to hold back on their "if it bleeds it leads" attitude, I really start to worry.

Fly tiers are already starting to feel the pinch as imports are being banned and many are already resorting to using synthetic materials. Personally, I am holding on to my stocks of well aged feathers (pre-flu) as an investment of sorts.

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