Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Please Don't Steal the Posters

A recent ad campaign to promote the Bahamas in the New York subway system encouraged riders to "escape from everyday life" by among other things, pretending to fly fish using a cell phone and a scarf. The ads were so successful they had to be discontinued because, to the dismay of transit officials, riders were actually acting out what they saw on the posters. This was a hot topic in the news last week, but today more of the story came to light. It seems that folks were also stealing the posters to decorate their pricey NYC lofts. To alleviate the theft problem is offering free downloads of the ads to anyone who wants one. The thinking is that more citizens of "the Big Apple" will be able to visit the Bahamian islands if they can keep them out of Rikers Island.
I bet one of those big New York subway rats would put up a good fight on my four weight. I think I might tie up some cheese flies before my next visit.

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