Thursday, January 12, 2006

Personages Eating Tasty Animals

I wanted to blog about this recent absurdity but I have to be somewhat careful. The mere mention of this extremist organization causes my all important advertiser on the right side of the page to display ads for them constantly. I simply refuse to allow that to happen. I will just call them "IDIOT" instead of their normal four letter acronym. Suffice it to say the folks at "IDIOT" have written to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to urge them to require anglers to follow the the National Marine Fisheries Service's code of angling ethics.

The code includes provisions such as respecting fish and other animals, "carefully handling" caught fish, and using "tackle and techniques which minimize harm to fish."

My point is this, these are the very tenents that were taught to me by my Father and Grandfather while I was growing up in a family of outdoorsmen. I do not need a misguided organization such as "IDIOT" (remember, that is not exactly their real name) to teach me a respect for nature and God's creation. In my experience it is the hunters and fishermen who hold the greatest respect for wildlife and the outdoors. It only stands to reason that they would take the best care of the resource. (I decided not to link to the press release that prompted this diatribe. If you can stomach it I am sure you can find it via search engine)

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