Monday, January 23, 2006

Monster Lake SOLD

Back in May we posted about fly fishing opportunities at Monster Lake near Yellowstone National Park. Based on recent news, the price to fish Monster Lake probably just went up quite a bit. The Wyoming ranch was just purchased by billionaire developer Tim Blixseth. It is thought that Blixseth intends to include the property in his new "World Club" concept where members pay for membership in ten properties all across the world. This report from spells it out:

"Membership in the World Club would be limited to about 500 members with an initiation fee of about $2 million. Because World Club members would have only access rights and not own property rights within the resort, development would not be as intensive as that at the Yellowstone Club. Initial estimates are that 25 home sites would be developed on the property"

I don't know about you but I'm thinking of raiding the kids college fund. and everybody elses kid's college fund... and sell the cars.... and pick up tin cans...

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