Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fishermen Now Able to Get Dates - Pherotones

Perhaps you have heard of the newest rage (read rip-off) on the internet, Pherotones. Supposedly these are ringtones for your cell phone that have a subliminal effect on the opposite sex. This would have nothing whatsoever to do with fly fishing except one of the ringtones is called "The Anglerz". Here is how Dr. Myra Vanderhood describes the ringtone for the fisherman in our midst.

"The Anglerz
A subsonic delight, this all-purpose, multi-target Pherotone casts a wide net. If you can keep your wits about you, you'll be going home with the catch of the day. Happy fishing!"

I must pass this along to my single friend Zugbug. Although I think he would be much more successful with a more traditional lure (for example: a fat wallet and a big house)


Anonymous said...

This is part of a viral marketing campaign, created by the ad agency McKinney Silver. See http://www.adrants.com/2006/01/mckinney-silver-behind-pherotones-viral.php for more info.

Dr. Myra Vanderhood said...

RE: Anonymous' post.

Anonymous has not yet provided any scientific proof in any of his posts anywhere on the internet that Pherotones are not real.

A rather glaring omission, is it not?

Murdock said...

Well just to say it out loud in case it needs to be said. Flyfishmagazine.com does not endorse or recommend this product. However, being students of marketing we think it is halarious and I am sure that zugbug thinks Dr. Vanderhood is hot as well. This reminds me of the time in high school when me and some friends of mine ran a fictional student for president of the sutdent body (his name was Grant Foster). We created quite a buzz ourselves and he actually got some votes.

Murdock said...

O MY GOSH, DR Vanderhood is located right here in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park! I wonder if she wants to go fishing with Zugbug?

Anonymous said...

I would go fishing with her...only if she brings that damn cellphone! I know a little game warden that would love to confiscate that thing!

BUT...she is too late. I have better offers to fish elsewhere!