Sunday, January 01, 2006

Grilled Ray Wings with Hint of Garlic

Up in the Commonwealth of Virginia they are trying to get rid of an excess of Cow Nosed Rays that are taking a major toll on fledging oyster stocks.

"they ate about 1 million disease-resistant babies (oysters) set on artificial oyster reefs in the river – a $78,000 frenzy that caused the corps to spend another $500,000 this spring for protective fencing around the reefs."

The solution? Show us that they taste great on the grill and get anglers to thin them out . I (and several other FFM staffers) once spent a day catching small rays/skates off the coast of North Carolina. Pound for pound they were one of the strongest fish I have ever fought. We came to refer to them as the poor man's tarpon. Being catch and release fishermen, we never really thought of eating them.

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